Outdoor space aids health and well being at iconic music site

logo black with black subtext + transparency155 square metres of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was applied to the internal courtyard of Queens Court, a new affordable housing block built on the site of the old Queen’s Hall, a once popular music venue in Widnes.

MONTAGE FinalREDThe housing scheme was designed for Halton Housing Trust by award winning Liverpool architects, Denovo Design. Forrest Construction was the main contractor for the project which comprised 17 apartments with car parking and associated landscaping.

The new affordable apartments were built on the site of the iconic Queen’s Hall music venue, which had hosted many bands including The Beatles, The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays but was demolished in 2012 following a fire. Part of the brief for the design was to commemorate the site’s musical heritage, so the building includes a full height showcase art work commemorating some of the many acts that performed there and colourful ‘guitar string’ louvres make a bold statement above each of the designated entrances.

Case Study Queens Hall Feb 15The design for the new apartments needed to compensate for the lack of green space in the area and health and wellbeing was key to the design concept. All residents therefore have access to open space, with lounges having either an upper floor terrace; or a ‘Juliet balcony’. For ground floor residents an “outdoor space” was created in the form of a quiet, landscaped internal courtyard.

To create this outdoor space, flowering shrubs and semi-mature trees were planted around the inner courtyard to obscure the car parking bays and to provide a green outlook from the bedrooms. RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing Quartz Parallel aggregate mix was laid in a curved shape across the centre of the courtyard, providing a pale contrast to the surrounding greenery and red brick of the building.

Product and application

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Elite Surfac(  Queens Court (60))ing were sub-contracted to lay RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing across the 155 square metres of courtyard.

The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing system was supplied as a two-component UV stable polyurethane resin and a blend of kiln-dried aggregates; the two resin components were mixed by Elite Surfacing with a slow speed drill and paddle before being added to a forced action mixer containing the Quartz Parallel aggregate blend. The RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was spread to level before smoothing with a steel float.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a hard wearing, permeable (SuDS compliant) alternative to traditional paving and has the attractiveness of natural aggregate while being easily maintainable, unlike loose gravel. It is also suitable for wheel chairs and is slip-resistant. The resistance of the resin to ultra-violet light ensures that the resin will not yellow or darken over time, so the Quartz Parallel will retain its light appearance.

(  Queens Court (43))web2“RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was specified because the Quartz Parallel aggregate mix contained a good selection of colour ways. The other important feature was that it suited the sinuous shape of the pathway unlike traditional paving, which would have necessitated a lot of cutting to shape and would have been more time-consuming and challenging to lay. The finished product in its inviting pale hue, looks immaculate and brightens up the enclosed courtyard.”

Frank Olchowski, Director, Denovo Design


RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is an integral part of the outdoor space provided for the health and well being of the residents at Queen’s Court apartments. Denovo Design was very pleased with its performance and appearance and will be considering its use for future projects.


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RonaBond four stages of concrete repair at St Saviours’ Estate

Repairs to six blocks of flats were carried out by Ronacrete Approved Contractor Gunite (Eastern) Ltd for Lengard on behalf of Southwark Council.  They used products from the Ronacrete RonaBond Concrete Repair & Coatings range as part of a larger refurbishment project costing around £4m.

Main contractor Lengard was awarded an internal and external refurbishment project by the London Borough of Southwark.  The refurbishment was carried out on six blocks of five, six and seven storey residential flats at St Saviours Estate, London SE1. The project required repairs to the fabric of the buildings.

Valios Staircase

Ronacrete Approved Contractor Gunite (Eastern) Ltd was sub-contracted by Lengard to carry out concrete repair and protective coatings, mastic joint sealing and brickwork repair.

Gunite cut out and prepared areas of damaged concrete, primed the exposed reinforcement with Ronacrete Standard Primer and then re-primed the reinforcement when the concrete was primed, before applying RonaBond HB40 high build polymer modified mortar.

RonaBond HB40 is a pre-packed high build polymer modified concrete repair mortar. It is often used to repair concrete on vertical surfaces and soffits where ease of application is as important as strength. It is typically applied in layers up to 50mm thick on walls on walls and 30mm thick on soffits.

RonaBond HB40 is particularly suited to the repair of overhead concrete, such as the underside of concrete staircases, which can become damaged over time, especially when exposed to the elements as the staircases are on the St Saviour’s estate.

St Vincent Rear East

The repaired areas were then made ready for decorative and protective coatings by the application of RonaBond Easy Skim FC. This is a pre-packed polymer modified mortar which is applied as a skim coat in thicknesses up to 3mm, to provide a smooth, hard finish to damaged, blemished and repaired concrete. It is a levelling mortar that provides a smooth “harder than plaster” finish to walls.

The final stage involved the application of decorative and protective coatings to the repaired surfaces. Two products were used at this stage, RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB and RonaBond Anti-Carbonation Coating WB.

RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-Carbonation Coating WB is a high build elastomeric, waterproof and carbonation-resistant façade coating based on water borne acrylsiloxane. It protects façades against water ingress while allowing diffusion of normal levels of background moisture vapour. It provides excellent protection against corrosion of the steel reinforcement when applied to reinforced concrete.  The siloxane component improves dirt shedding properties and protects against leaching of contamination through the coating.

RonaBond Anti-Carbonation Coating WB is a smooth, coloured, water borne acrylic anti-carbonation coating for use on vertical surfaces, soffits and at DPC level.  It allows the passage of moisture vapour so it is particularly suited for application to substrates which may contain entrapped moisture.  It can be applied to external walls and façades and protects against water, frost, and weathering it is also an effective barrier against the damaging effects of carbon dioxide gas. RonaBond Anti-Carbonation Coating WB is available in a wide range of colours, BS or RAL colours can be produced.

The RonaBond products used by Gunite provided a complete four stage concrete repair system at the St Saviour’s Estate project. Stage one, bonding agent (primer), stage two, polymer modified repair mortar (RonaBond HB40), stage three, levelling mortar (RonaBond Easy Skim FC) and stage four, protective and decorative coating (RonaBond Anti-carbonation Coating WB and RonaBond Crack Bridging Anti-carbonation Coating) greatly improving the integrity of the concrete and appearance of the flats on the St Saviour’s Estate, as well as providing protection from further corrosive damage for years to come.

Woodvill Front

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RIBA CPD three – Concrete Repair & Protection to BS EN 1504 gains RIBA approval

Industry expert and manufacturer of construction products, Ronacrete, has had a third CPD approved by RIBA. Concrete Repair and Protection to BS EN 1504 is the third CPD from Ronacrete to receive RIBA approval in less than a year.

The CPD Concrete Repair & Protection to BS EN 1504 has been assessed by RIBA and categorised under the core curriculum subject:BSEN1504Print

Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering

Compliance: the legal, regulatory and statutory framework

Knowledge level: General awareness

Learning outcomes of the CPD – a knowledge, awareness and understanding of:

  • Causes of concrete degradation
  • Assessing the types of repairs required
  • Types of repair available
  • Testing methods

CPD1dThis RIBA certified seminar offers guidance on the correct methods of carrying out concrete repairs and what can be done to avoid future issues. The seminar focuses on the importance of preparation, installation methods and protection.

Concrete Repair and Protection to BS EN 1504 will be presented at the RIBA roadshow in Brighton on 23rd April and can be booked online at http://www.ribacpd.com/cpdroadshow/riba-brighton-cpd-roadshow/124/

“Our technical team have put a lot of time and effort into producing an interesting and informative CPD about the implications of BS EN 1504 on concrete repair pConcrete damage 2rojects. I am sure it will prove as popular as the other two RIBA approved CPDs (Guide to Specifying Modified Screeds and SuDS Compliant Permeable Paving – Resin Bound Surfacing Systems) that Ronacrete is now delivering to architect firms on a weekly basis and which are receiving very positive feedback.”

The RIBA Core Curriculum was created by RIBA for its members to ensure that key architectural skills are covered in learning activities. It is a requirement that chartered members take part in a minimum of 20 of their yearly 35 hours CPD from the Curriculum, spending two hours of CPD time in each of ten key topics. RIBA Certified CPDs can be identified by the RIBA CPD Providers Network logo and attract double CPD points.

CPD in the workplace

The Ronacrete technical team are also happy to travel to present the CPDs in the workplace and will reimburse for lunch. Further information and booking details for RIBA CPDs can be obtained by calling 01279 638700 or by sending an email to cpd@ronacrete.co.uk.

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Leicester Cathedral Gardens – RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing

In brief

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was laid in Leicester Cathedral Gardens as part of a £2.5 million project transforming the city’s cathedral quarter and providing a connection to the new Richard III visitor centre.


The project

A new public space large enough to host outdoor events for up to 800 people has been created as part of the project. Included within the gardens are flower beds, trees and lawn areas, seating and a water feature. A statue of Richard III has been moved from Castle Gardens, restored and cleaned and placed at the centre of the Cathedral Quarter project closer to the Leicester car park where his body was found buried.

At the other end of the gardens is Towards Stillness, a sculpture comprising steel plates which tell the story of Richard’s time in Leicester from the Battle of Bosworth to the discovery of his grave in 2012.

Richard III riding on resin bound surfacing

Product and application

The areas around the sculpture and the surrounding pathways have been landscaped with RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing as part of the re-development project. Ronacrete Approved Contractors Route One Highways laid around 350 square metres of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing, using a Rustic Bronze aggregate blend.

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing is a hard wearing, permeable (SuDS compliant) alternative to traditional paving and has the attractiveness of natural aggregate while being easily maintained unlike loose gravel. It is also suitable for wheel chairs and is slip-resistant.


RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing has played a role in creating an attractive public space that can be enjoyed by visitors to the cathedral or the Richard III visitor centre and the people of Leicester in general.

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Ronacrete screeds at the O2 shopping centre

In brief

950 m2 of screed was laid at retail outlets in the O2 shopping centre. The products used were Ronafix Mix A, and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed. Ronafix Mix A was required for thin bonded levelling screeds and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay was used to shorten the drying time of thicker screeds, to reduce waiting time before floor finishes could be laid and allowing the early return of site traffic.

The project

Wates Construction was contracted to refit a former Wetherspoons pub at the O2 shopping centre in north London, turning the space into three separate retail outlets. Part of this project involved the levelling of the floor.

Priming (Grout) Priming Screed Finish Screeding 2 Screeding Traffic Management for Screed

Product and application

Ronacrete Approved Contractor JF Flooring was sub-contracted to carry out screeding works and so contacted the Ronacrete Technical Team to discuss suitable screeding products to meet the job’s requirements.

Two Ronacrete products were recommended for the project, Ronafix Mix A* which could be applied in thin section and RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed which was added to the screed mix where thicker screeds were required. The thickness of some areas of screed was in excess of 100 mm and there was not sufficient available time for drying of traditional screeds. The addition of RonaScreed 8 Day Overlay Fast Drying Screed additive to the mix ensured fast return to use by site traffic and early drying, ready for application of floor finishes so that shops could be opened without delay.

“We found the product easy to use and it provided a first class finish, meeting all the required specifications and in accordance with British Standards.  The main contractor was also happy with the finish and overall appearance of the screed.” 


The Ronacrete screeds provided level surfaces within the three shops.  Early drying times meant the screeds were soon ready for the application of floor coverings, avoiding delayed completion of the project and ensuring that business could start as soon as possible.

*Ronafix Mix A is also available as Ronafix Pre-packed Screed 6-50mm.

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Ronacrete is recruiting – Technical Category Manager – Flooring and screeds – London and the South East

Industry Sector: Rapid drying screeds , thin section screeds, specialist underfloor heating screeds, roller applied floor coatings

Area to be covered: London and home counties

Remuneration: £34,000 (OTE £40,000)

Benefits: Company Car, 20 days holiday increasing to 25 days after qualifying period.

The role will include selling a comprehensive range of high quality screed and floor coating materials from the RonaScreed and RonaFloor product ranges used for new installations and on refurbishment projects in the London and home counties region. Generating specifications with local authorities, housing associations, contractors, specifiers, architects. Increasing our network of approved contractors. Carrying out CPD accredited presentations.

Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate will be based in London or the home counties.

The ideal applicant will have at least five years’ experience within this industry and will be able to demonstrate their background in generating specifications, their relationship with housing developers, local authorities and ideally specialist flooring contractors.They will have a strong understanding of the construction industry and be able to provide technical and practical advise to contractors, specifiers and architects.

Experience of selling to local authorities, housing associations and contractors and presenting to large groups of architects, specifiers, and other professional bodies is essential.

Product experience in related disciplines, such as insulation, underfloor heating and waterproofing is preferred.

Experienced candidates that can demonstrate a solid sales background in similar industries will be considered. Apply here.

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Brochures for brands

Ronacrete now has a brochure for each of its five brands.

Concrete repair and coatings from Ronacrete.

Concrete repair and coatings from Ronacrete.

RonaBond – The Concrete Repair and Coatings Range

RonaDeck – The Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing Range

Ronafix – The Admixture for Concrete Repairs, Screeds, Waterproofing, Bedding and Bonding

RonaFloor – The Flooring and Bedding Range

RonaScreed – The Screeds Range

The brochures can be downloaded from the website or viewed online. Print copies of the RonaBond, RonaScreed and RonaDeck brochures are also available, phone 01279 638700 to request a copy.

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