EcoBound draws the crowds at EcoBuild


Ronacrete exhibited for the first time at the EcoBuild Exhibition from March 5th to 7th. The launch of Ronacrete’s new EcoBound range drew crowds to the stand and the Ronacrete sales team had barely a minute to spare over the three days of the exhibition, drawing interest right until the exhibition’s closing minutes.

 “We were delighted that so many people wanted to find out more about how the EcoBound range offers a range of systems that have eco credentials at every level, sub base, resin, aggregates, even cleaners.

 “Many people were drawn to the stand by the “water feature” which showed just how porous our SuDS compliant resin bound systems are, but would then stay to hear about  the other eco features.” 

EcoBound is an eco fully permeable SuDS compliant system, unlike many other systems in the market  produced by companies who just offer recycled aggregates as a token ‘green’ commitment,.  From the permeable resin, to the mix-blend aggregate, through the four fully-permeable sub base options, to the cleaners used for the application tools and aftercare.


  1. Permeable (SuDS compliant) resin – contains 38% materials from a renewable source
  2. Four fully permeable bases:
    • EcoGrid – grid base produced from 100% recyclable materials
    • EcoAgg – moisture tolerant resin and recycled aggregate base
    • EcoCrumb – recycled tyre rubber and aggregate base
    • EcoBound on permeable asphalt
  3. Recycled and or locally-sourced aggregates
  4. Low VOC trowel cleaner and Low VOC after care solution to keep surfaces looking like new

About Ronacrete

Ronacrete is an international manufacturer of specialist construction products with factories and development centres in the UK and the Far East. Accreditations include BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, offering specifiers the opportunity to gain BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes credits. Market leading brands include SuDS compliant RonaDeck resin bound products for paving and tree pits, Ronafix admixture and Ronafix modified pre-packed mortars with BBA approvals for screeds, renders, concrete repair and bedding. Ronacrete produces materials for; resin bound and resin bonded hard landscaping, polymer modified and fast drying screeds, waterproof renders and coatings, concrete repair and protection, waterproof bedding mortars and resin flooring.
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