Fast trafficking pothole repair keeps wheels moving at Toyota

Pothole repair at car showroom

The concrete access road to a Toyota dealership in Bracknell had become broken and uneven. Nike Construction, who are responsible for all maintenance work for the dealership group, were asked to find a long lasting repair product which could be laid without the dealership closing and with minimum disruption to customers.

The technical department of Ronacrete recommended RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair because it is easy to use and can be trafficked immediately. RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair is used straight from bucket or sack with no mixing required; it then just needs to be tamped and is then ready for traffic immediately.

Other benefits

Speed is not the only benefit of RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair. It can be laid at very low temperature and in the wet, ensuring that road repairs can be carried out in the most unfavourable of conditions. Most pothole repair materials rely on the use of cutback bitumens which contain volatile oils such as kerosene. RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair does not contain petroleum based solvents, which attack asphalt and weaken the bond between asphalt and repair, one of the major reasons traditional pothole products fail and are therefore not permanent. RonaRoad EcoPatch Pothole Repair contains plant extracts which do not act aggressively on asphalt and are friendlier to the environment.

Product details
RonaRoad EcoPatch has a zero VOC softener and no petroleum cutback, a 12 months bag shelf life (compared to one month on traditional road repair products) and no primer or over banding is required. It can be used in very cold weather (is workable down to -25ºC) and can be laid in the wet. As it is truly permanent (unlike many other products which claim to be), this reduces whole life costings.

Comparison test and guarantee
Ronacrete are willing to undertake an on site product against product comparison test to prove its greater performance against a rival product.

About Ronacrete

Ronacrete is an international manufacturer of specialist construction products with factories and development centres in the UK and the Far East. Accreditations include BS EN ISO 9001, BS EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, offering specifiers the opportunity to gain BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes credits. Market leading brands include SuDS compliant RonaDeck resin bound products for paving and tree pits, Ronafix admixture and Ronafix modified pre-packed mortars with BBA approvals for screeds, renders, concrete repair and bedding. Ronacrete produces materials for; resin bound and resin bonded hard landscaping, polymer modified and fast drying screeds, waterproof renders and coatings, concrete repair and protection, waterproof bedding mortars and resin flooring.
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